My Wife Doesn't Surprise Me

By David Herz

Posted on Nov 16, 2016 by in Advice, Relationships, Advice, Relationships

What should I do if my wife doesn't surprise me on my birthday?
I always wanted my wife to surprise me on my birthday but she just wishes me. That's all. Nothing more than that. I just feel bad after reading few answers on Quora about Wife-Husband birthday surprises. What should I do now?

PS: My wife loves me so much!

My first suggestion is to go and tell her. The second is to be surprised by everything that happens:

“I woke up! Wow, how amazing it is to be alive. I have a wife next to me, how cool is that. She loves me. Holy moly, this is going to be a great day.”

This is actually be a great way to go through all of life.

Maybe you should also find pleasant ways to surprise her. Take on finding a way to get that special smile out of her every day, if it's a flower, taking out the garbage before she asks you, helping with something you usually don't do. Maybe she'll get how much fun that can be and start to look for ways to make you smile too.

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