Until . . .

By David Herz

Posted on Sep 8, 2018 by in Relationships, Relationships

Is marriage a bad idea if your boyfriend is struggling to generate a consistent source of income as an entrepreneur and you're also in a long-distance relationship?

They are not connected. Do you love each other? Are you both willing to be great with each other? Are you both willing to support each other as your are building your dreams?

It might be a harder road than picking the guy with the good job and steady income next door (that might not last either), but wouldn’t it be a better adventure to share, and wouldn't you be happier knowing you picked a partner with whom you could take on anything and keep going until you win?

Of course, it would also take that kind of commitment. Ask him if he's willing to play that game. Ask yourself if you are willing to play that game.

If the answer is yes to those, you've got a good chance with him.

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