You're not ugly. He is.

By David Herz

Posted on Jan 1, 2021 by in Relationships, Relationships

If he says you are ugly and not good enough for him, I'd take on that he's not good enough for you.

Look around you. You could find a reason to consider almost every person out there ugly. You could also find genius in each one if you look.

If you don't see the beautiful when you look at yourself, you're not looking for the right thing.

We tend to be harsh judges of ourselves, and that's a shame for the world. Don't do that. Let your beauty out. Someone out there will appreciate it, and want to celebrate it with you over the long term, if that's what you want.

Let this one go. No, cast him aside. He's not worth your time, which is the only thing you can not get back in life.

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