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February 20, 2020

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February 20, 2020

I got a bit stupid yesterday, and then got smart. I did contact someone, and that turned into a conversation, which I definitely call a win. I also made for some outside time by way of a walk with my son. I did workout, but then did got sidetracked, in one good way, and in one bad, and got to the end of my day not having completed my core activity, which is making contact with three people. So I wasn't going to go to bed without that, and got it done, which also felt good. As to the assignment, I realize it actually is present for me in the mornings, and I am not feeling the need to comment as completely as I have the last three days, but I'll work into a form that works:

  1. Smile! ✓
  2. Breathe life into Your Body. ✓
  3. Think of three things for which I am grateful.
    1. that I can still feel my toes
    2. that I can walk
    3. that I still dream
  4. Think of three things I am looking forward to.
    1. More outside time.
    2. Writing.
    3. Scheduling certain parts of my life.
  5. List three things I will do today to make my life even better.
    1. The pitch that's been running in my head, but occurs as a huge effort.
    2. Contact three people.
    3. Ironing: it still didn't get done, but I think I'll combine it with my soap opera, one of yesterday's distractions, which wasn't necessarily accompanied by fruitful activity yesterday.
  6. Then mark it off on the calendar. ✘ Just for clarity, this is obviously not that I've finished it all, just that I've done the damned planning exercise, and if I've done that, at least some of the other parts follow.

Thanks again to Mark Joyner's The Little Calendar that Brainwashes You: It might be enough for you. For me, it resides in a bigger context. I suppose it depends where you find yourself.

How Can I Serve You Better this Year/Decade/Life?

Posted on Feb 19, 2020 by in Advice, Structure, Success
How Can I Serve You Better this Year/Decade/Life?

As a lawyer, coach, out-of-the-box thinker, and magical connection maker, I want to know how I can help you Reach Higher. With that in mind, these questions:

  1. If we had a magic wand and could instantly fix just one problem you are experiencing, which problem would you pick?
  2. If we could wave a magic wand and instantly make just one change to make your life better, what would you pick?

I'd love your feedback. Feel free to comment here, or message me privately.

And if you want to go further, you can always

Schedule With Me, or Sharleen

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A New Season

Posted on Dec 23, 2019 by in Structure, Success, Today, Seasons

So it's funny how winter, with its connotation of darkness and cold, begins just at that moment when the days start getting longer. So I'm here and what to make of it. I don't want the next thirty years to look like the last, or the first, although I wax nostalgic for the ones that I was probably most confused and anxious through, let's say 18 to 28. While I am sure I was completely unsure of myself, they were also years ripe with possibility which is hard to conceive as being available now.

I did come home from synagogue with a certain spirit of lightness, like more is possible, like maybe I could run another marathon, and I could, but I've done that. There are actually a whole lot of marathons I could run, and it's time to pick one, maybe two, at the very outside three,…but I want to run them all. And that I know I can't.

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"Ahlah" Activities for the Intermediate Days

Posted on Oct 11, 2019 by in Practices, Structure, Success, Improvement

Hey there friends. I reproduce here a post that I sent to my community group. The thing is it's right for wherever you are. It's addressed to Jews, but I don't think it really matters. We all can be a light unto the world.

Operation “Holy Land”

Every time you go out, leave the places you move through improved for your having been there.

My pet peeve is garbage, so I invite you to pick some up, but you are welcome to add any act you that allows you to share your love for this land with someone else.

I'm of the strong belief that the physical manifestation of this is extremely powerful. Think of your experience when you enter a well-kept home, or synagogue, or even park. Now think of it as others enter your country.

“The Holy Land” Game

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Entrepreneur without Guts: Am I Kidding Myself?

Posted on Mar 15, 2019 by in Structure, Success, Work

I consider myself an entrepreneur at heart but have never had the guts to start anything because I am a mom and need to be responsible. Am I kidding myself into thinking I have what it takes to run my own business?

Yes and no. Without a plan and actions, you are just a dreamer.

On the other hand, all it takes is one steady customer to be running a business. It might be a very very small business, but it's a world away from dreamer.

You don't need business cards, or a website, or a fancy graphic, or a special office.

You need a customer. Create a plan to get one. JUST ONE. It's best if your plan includes an accountability system, whether a friend, a coach, or a committee (I love the Shaquille O'Neal Interview on Art of Charm on this).

You need small actions, consistently. You're a mom, but you can make one phone call a day to ask for business at a set time every day. That's 365 calls. If one in a hundred says, “Yeah, I'll work with you,” that's 3.6 customers a year.

I trust that once you have the customer, you'll find the time to take care of him.

And switch how you think of things. If you see yourself as an entrepreneur, and you are not taking the actions, you are not being responsible already. In fact, you are modelling appalling behavior. Do you want your kids to just think/dream about stuff, or do you want them to go out and get it?

And in today's world, it can get scary to have to rely on one, or even two, jobs. But if you've got your own business, properly run, and have a decent plan for your future, you've got one heck of a shock absorber if other things go off the rails.

And if you are still stopped, I highly recommend a session with a coach, myself or my wife of course, Schedule Me I also highly recommend doing a course called the Landmark Forum. It's about getting clear of the conversations we have with ourselves that keep us getting in our own ways.

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