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I was on a call a few minutes ago, a periodic collection of the friends of Jeff Pulver. He gets folk together over Zoom, and then (his sister) splits them out into rooms to share their passions, get to know each other a little, and allow a little magic to happen. You're welcome to join us by the way: just follow the link and follow to his “Zula.”

So today, I was twice in a room with a certain metaphysicist, Reiki Master, like that. And he let out that he thinks that our current pandemic is the result of a conspiracy of the rich who are only getting richer right now.

And I got it is what you make of it. It's also been an opportunity to slow down and be with our people, regroup, reinvent, and create new realities.

I was left with why do we have to make things so damned difficult, kind of what I've been doing a lot of.

So people, don't be afraid to keep it simple, to go with the most obvious explanation. It leaves you free to go deep on the things that really matter, I hope.

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