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Coaching Plans

Plan Paid in Full Paying Monthly
Annual $18,000 $1600
Six Months $9500 $1700
Three Months $5000 $2000

All plans contemplate four calls a calendar month, e-mail availability, and quick catch-up calls as necessary.

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Coaching Consultation

I charge a fee of $500 for a Coaching Consultation. If you choose to work with me, this fee will be credited against your Coaching Plan. If you paid full price for the Coaching Consultation, and really feel that the consultation was of no value to you, request a refund. If you used a coupon code and did not pay the full consultation price, no refund request will be entertained.

Our Promises

Our Coaching is only going to work if we are ready to make certain promises to each other. Here are mine and those I expect of you.

My Promises

  1. I will believe in you no matter what you believe about yourself. I will be your cheerleader, the wind at your back, the voice that reassures you that anything that you want for yourself is possible.
  2. I will work with you to create the plan so that what is possible occurs.
  3. I will show up, on time, at our scheduled calls. I will respond to e-mails within 24 hours. I will be available for quick consults as required.
  4. Unless you are here on a special introductory rate, your Plan will not change as long as you continue to work with me and I am in the coaching business.
  5. I will be completely unreasonable with you and what you want.
  6. I will work with you to make sure our financial arrangement works. Sometimes we find that you've gotten what you came for before your Plan is up. If that's the case, and you don't want to take on something new, or you need a break, I'll work with you to create a future that works for both of us.

Your Promises

  1. You will show up on our calls, and in life. For the first six months, you will schedule your life around our calls. If you miss a call, you've missed the coaching. There will be no rescheduling of individual calls, though we can change our regular time if we find our fixed time isn't working.
    Beyond six months, I will entertain requests to move individual calls in rare and special circumstances.
  2. You will be open and honest with me.
  3. You will take the coaching.
  4. You will pay on time.

Other Terms:

  1. You are of legal age to form a binding contract. If you are not, I will not be able to have a conversation with you.

  2. You recognize that I can not promise any results. The action, and the likelihood for getting the results you came for, are your responsibility.
  3. I am not a health-care provider. I do not provide medical treatment of any type. You are responsible for your own well-being, and you should consult with your health care provider if you have any question about the work we will be doing together.
  4. I retain the right to fire you as a client if you aren't keeping your promises.
  5. You may choose not to continue at any time, but you may not quit. This is your life. You will give me notice of at least ten days before our monthly date if you choose not to continue.
  6. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.
  7. These terms may be updated from time to time. I will give you notice as that occurs.

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Living the Life

Originally posted separately, I include this here if you want a little bit more of a taste of what I do. Of course, you can always reach out. I am happy to reply,

I help You lead the life of your dreams:

  1. We get clear on your goals,
  2. I help you notice what's between you and achieving those goals,
  3. We agree on an action plan,
  4. You make promises in line with that plan,
  5. I help you stay accountable, in action and on track.

My job is to listen for your greatness and what is possible and keep that always present. Your job is to be honest about what comes up, stay in communication, and keep your promises.

So that is the basic structure. Along the way, the conversations that stop us come up (in my case it's things like “I'm not good enough,” Who am I to . . . ,” and “I already missed that boat.") We notice those, thank the little voice in our head for sharing, and forge ahead.

A good coach will also be clear that achieving any particular goal is only one part of leading a complete, centered and satisfying life. So while we may be achieving particular purposes, my promise is to always honor the whole human being and make sure that our work takes care of that person.

If you were to ask me my druthers, I'd really like to work with people who are committed to raising amazing children. When I zoom out to the bigger picture, it embraces a commitment to raising a generation of active, engaged, informed, self-reliant citizens, reimagining society's institutions, especially its schools, to honor this purpose, and eliminating well-intended, but stifling, government laws, regulations and programs.

And while I appear to have gone a little afield from specifically coaching you, I am really starting to lay out a map. I am a great parent, and it bothers me when I see parents who don't know how to relate to their kids, but that leads me to think about all the people I don't know who haven't had the basically stable white middle class life I have, people who may be happy to make it to the end of their day, and might not have the time to think about optimal parenting, and I want to give them the tools to raising an amazing generation, and engineer our social systems to align with that goal.

And then I realize that system needs support from all its stakeholders, and that it is particularly in the best interests of the business community to have this society of forward thinking, mindful, engaged citizens.

So I want to coach not only parents, but the movers and shakers of our world (which, with my coaching, includes anyone who says he is that) so that while I am doing my work, I can enroll them in a vision of a greater society and work toward that as well.

In the meantime, I will share one small victory. I have a client who is going for her Ph.D. Just yesterday, she told me that she sat down on Sunday and had a few guilt-free hours of pleasure reading. She came to me to put her life in order and get her dissertation on track. She's on track now. We've broken it down, we have it in her schedule, measurable progress is being made. What has shifted though is that the things that were guilty pleasures, and the things that she allowed herself to be distracted by when she said “Oh my G-d, I've got to get to work on my dissertation” now have a place in her schedule. She has permission to take care of herself, and work on her dissertation, and has more peace in her life.

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