Love Your Personality

By David Herz

Posted on Oct 1, 2018 by in Relationships, Success, Dating
Love Your Personality

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I've been seeing a man for 4 months. He said, “Well, I mean I like you and I love your personality.” Doesn't my personality make me who I am? What does he even mean by that?

It means he enjoys your company, but doesn't, at least at the moment, see this going the distance.

Or it means he has no balls and is not willing to commit.

If you care enough to get him out of his idiot fantasy, you might ask him, “What would true love look like to you?” I'm guessing at the bottom of it is some Hollywood sweep him off his feet fantasy. Mostly, love doesn't work that way. Even with the “being swept off your feet,” at some point it comes down to the work you put into a relationship.

I'd want to know if he's willing to give up the fantasy (look at how successful Hollywood marriages are anyway), declare that he loves you, wholly and completely, as you are and as you are not (and I'm deliberately avoiding the word feeling here), and then live and act into that declaration.

In other words, is he willing to grow up, be with the great person in front of him, and commit to creating a life with her/you?

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