An Entrepreneurial Mindset for Your Relationship (and Outsized Results)

By David Herz

Posted on Apr 20, 2020 by in Relationships, Success, Relationships, Success, Improvement
An Entrepreneurial Mindset for Your Relationship (and Outsized Results)

A lot of people are stuck at home, or spending more time there than they are accustomed to. I'm guessing this might be leading to some stress in personal relations.

All of a sudden, we haven't got an office or a job to disappear to, or a gym to blow off some steam. And this might be a cause of stress, but it could also be presenting an opportunity, if we're sharp enough to notice, to pivot as an Entrepreneur might say.

The Opportunity

You run your businesses according to a plan, goals and milestones. Do you run your personal life the same way?

The idea here is to bring a business mindset to your relationships to have your relationships flourish like your well-run business can.

So I'm offering you and the rest of our world a conversation (via Facebook Live). It'll run something like this:

  1. What are your measures for a great relationship? What are your KPIs?
  2. What is an appropriate plan to meet those measures?
  3. What are the obstacles/challenges to success?
  4. Is our SO (significant other) enrolled/enrollable in forming the necessary partnership?
  5. Are you committed to this being a great enterprise?

I'll be inviting you to ask questions and work with me along the way, if you want.

This can be fun. But that fun comes on the other side of the tough conversations.

Clarity and an actionable plan breathe life into people, as does clearing the obstacles. And sometimes the fun also comes from getting where you've stood in your own way, and can now move forward.

The fun comes from having a partner in an enterprise to which you are both committed. and sometimes there's also pain or sadness in getting that the current enterprise needs to be wrapped up, but even that can bring clarity and a new future.

My intention is to serve you in your new reality, to make this break with your family not want you to have a break from them afterward.

As to qualifications, I've been counselling people as a lawyer for 25 years. I've also been in coaching structures at Landmark Worldwide for more than twenty years, and coached people independently. I've answered 6626 questions on relationships, an average of 4 a day for the last four years, with 3470 upvotes. My answers are viewed more than forty thousand times a month, with 2.15 million views in total. In other words I've positively impacted more than a few lives along the way.

And I'm married with four sons, ages 23 to 15, and have never had a rebellious period or been through a troubled time with my kids.

When people say “You know how it is” about kids, my answer is usually “No, I don't,” and I'm clear that's because of what my wife and I have brought to our child-rearing practices and our relationship.

So I invite you to join me live on Facebook, Wednesday, 10:00 a.m. EDT.

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