Being a Mature Person

By David Herz

Posted on Jul 17, 2017 by in Advice, Advice
Being a Mature Person

How can I develop a mature and yet attractive character?

I'm an 18 year old girl. How can I develop a mature character before going to 12th grade after this summer? I want to start being normal and mature unlike my 11th grade self who was so weird and had an inconsistent character.

You can first be yourself. I don't know what mature means to you, but in my book it starts with understanding that the only person you really need to serve in this world is yourself.

A mature person cries when he feels like crying and laughs when the world amuses him. A mature person doesn't worry if he looks weird. A mature person realizes that most people are way too concerned about how they look to worry too much about the next person. A mature person gets that those who laugh at someone else usually do so to avoid people looking too closely at themselves.

A mature person is also sensitive as to the effect he has on those around him. What you want to master is listening. Get into other people's worlds and make a difference.

It's like when your best friend's boyfriend dumps her, and you bring her a flower just to remind her that she's still loved, regardless of the jerks in her life, and it doesn't matter what the rest of the world thinks that you would actually give a flower to another girl. You know what your friend needs and you are going to take care of it.

This is mature. Doing what you know is right, and not worrying about what others will think about it.

And the other thing a mature person gets is that you are either growing or you are dying. There is no middle space. The mature person chooses to grow, to constantly be better than he was yesterday.

And if you are still at the beginning of the road, as the questioner here was, then I'd suggest starting with learning to move (maybe a little dance), learning impeccable table manners, learning to look people in the eye when you talk to them, and taking splendid care of yourself: make sure you get a little exercise, eat well, sleep well, and always keep your promises, especially to yourself.

And the thing is, if you do this, there might be a lot of people who don't actually think you are that mature. But on the other hand there will be so many people attracted to and respecting who you are—including yourself—that it won't really matter.

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