A New Season

By David Herz

Posted on Dec 23, 2019 by in Structure, Success, Today, Seasons

So it's funny how winter, with its connotation of darkness and cold, begins just at that moment when the days start getting longer. So I'm here and what to make of it. I don't want the next thirty years to look like the last, or the first, although I wax nostalgic for the ones that I was probably most confused and anxious through, let's say 18 to 28. While I am sure I was completely unsure of myself, they were also years ripe with possibility which is hard to conceive as being available now.

I did come home from synagogue with a certain spirit of lightness, like more is possible, like maybe I could run another marathon, and I could, but I've done that. There are actually a whole lot of marathons I could run, and it's time to pick one, maybe two, at the very outside three,…but I want to run them all. And that I know I can't.

So one of my jobs today is to cast some lines, in the right seas (I've some places I'll apply to work; some services I'll offer), and see which way the fish are running.

I'll also likely finish my holiday challenge today, two hundred thousand meters on my rowing machine from Thanksgiving to Christmas eve, which has been a little harder on my knees than I'd like, but has also put me back on track for the year.

And Sharleen has suggested it's time to listen to Jim Rohn's best year ever again, and I probably will. I suppose where I need to look is how to make this best year ever not fall apart like my prior plans for best years ever that somehow have not come to be.

I suppose a good place is to complete what was. The house is finally built. Lani's gone far on the piano. Sharleen and I had a bit of a honeymoon. We got Sharleen a new car, and fridge and freezer, and had the old car fixed for Uriel. Lani and I spent a good month in the US complete with a New York Halloween. Thanksgiving was 26 good people, mostly with some American tie. I almost bought a practice, and I wrote a whole bunch of answers on Quora. I even started to throw out old pictures. It wasn't much, but there's so much that I'll never hang on a wall, or even stick to a fridge; or even care to share with someone who might be interested in my pictures.

So, I've learned, and I've grown, and now it's just where to take that.

Happy Winter. Happy New Season. I'm going now to see where I take it.

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