What should I do and avoid to do to improve myself by 1% every single day?

Posted on Jun 7, 2017 by in Advice, Adding Value, Structure, Success, Improvement
What should I do and avoid to do to improve myself by 1% every single day?

What should I do and avoid to do to improve myself by 1% every single day?

  1. Sleep enough
  2. Eat Well
  3. Exercise
  4. Touch one person’s life
  5. Practice whatever it is you want to get better at. Get a coach to make sure you are doing the kind of practice that will lead to the quickest results. See Jim Kwik, Tim Ferriss, Eric Barker (there are many others) to help you get the results you want fastest.
  6. Practice Gratitude

Make sure the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual are all addressed each day. For some this is walk in the park, literally. For others it’s some kind of meditation, mindfulness practice, or keeping a journal. For some it’s writing down ten ideas a day (I highly recommend this). Pick your flavor and stick with it.

And get a coach. I have limited slots available at the moment. Let's talk. Use coupon code LIMITED50. This will only be available for the first five takers or until my schedule is fully booked again.

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Ten Ideas to Keep Me Accountable

Posted on Mar 10, 2017 by in Advice

One of the people who I follow James Altucher and whose advice I take on certain matters swears by the practice of writing down ten ideas a day. On his facebook group, someone recently posted that her ten ideas accountability group has space for one more. A whole bunch of people applied, and I put my name up too. And then I remembered what Tony said to James in his last podcast: He doesn't leave a good idea on the table. If he is going to go with it, he takes an immediate action. So I did. I started my own Ten Ideas group. Come join us if you'd like to play along.

Ten Ideas to Keep Me Accountable

  1. Get a coach

  2. Share my promises with people who will hold me to them.

  3. Set a stake a la http://www.stickk.com/

  4. Get present to a clear Why/something bigger than me that is worthy of myself.

  5. Measure the use of my time.

  6. Master the art of scheduling.

  7. Celebrate my victories/acknowledge what I do get done.

  8. Put myself in a position that I have no option but to succeed.

  9. Use the group in my seminar/the technology of Landmark to generate possibility and enroll the people around me.

  10. Declare that I am the only one who can create the change that I'd like to see in the world.

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Feeling Wasted

Posted on Feb 13, 2017 by in Advice

I am 28 with character and with no degree. I feel I am wasted, but I want to change my present state. I know that it's too late for nothing, but the feeling of guilt is just eating me from the inside and I am single. What should I do to revive myself back to a meaningful life?

Try this:

  1. Write down three things every day for which you are grateful.

  2. Reach out to one person and thank them for some contribution they have made in your life.

  3. Write down ten ideas a day.

  4. Get enough sleep every day.

  5. Get exercise every day, even if it’s only a twenty minute walk.

  6. Become excellent at something, it doesn’t matter what, riding a skateboard, cooking, coding, listening, dancing.

  7. Make a difference in someone’s life. Find a senior center near you, and just visit with people. Ask them to tell you about their lives and just listen. Ask them the one thing they would do if they were 28 again, and then go out and do it and tell them about it.

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28 Year Old Man's Future

Posted on Feb 8, 2017 by in General, General

As a 28 year old unmarried man, what is the one thing I should look forward to in my future?

The one thing that I can predict is your being a 28 years and one day old unmarried man.

The thing is we walk around thinking the future will happen to us. Some of us get lucky and it does, but most people just get to the next day, which looks exactly like this day.

If you want a different future, you declare a different future, and then you make a plan for that future and then you put that plan in your calendar, and you take the steps you wrote down there.

So the only question left is what do you want to declare. And if you want help structuring your life to get that:

Book Here

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Having it All in 2017

Posted on Jan 30, 2017 by in Structure

Sometimes I run across one of my Quora answers again at a later date. I saw this one, and it hit me in the gut:

Q: How Could Someone Have it All and Still be Unhappy?

A: Because no matter how good it is, you can always focus on something that isn't perfect or doesn't match your expectations, and that is called ultimate failure in life. You want to know what I believe success is. Success is creating consistent pleasure in your life, and causing yourself to grow. Failure is being able to find pain, no matter how good it is.

The reason it hit me is that I do have it all. There's enough money in the bank that I don't have to worry about food and shelter for quite some time. I have four amazing, adorable children, and I include in that my 18 year old, who has been older than I am for years. I'm really smart. People love me. I make a huge difference in people's lives.

And Yet?

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