Today's writing cue: "What really makes you angry about the world?"

Posted on Sep 30, 2014 by in Advice
So today I have taken up Scott Dinsmore's “Start a Blog Writing Challenge.” He doesn't mind if those who have already got one join in. But as this is a coaching blog, I'll of course tie it to being a better human. So what make… more »
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Calling in Drunk

Posted on Jan 8, 2014 by in General, General
Carpe diem: sometimes you just have to sieze the moment, and if that means you've got to call in drunk to work the next morning, maybe that ought to be okay. more »
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Doddering forward into the New Year

Posted on Jan 2, 2014 by in General, Advice
So I have actually had this post running in my mind for a few days already, but it seems to have taken second place to all sorts of silly time-suckers, facebook, Spider Solitaire, checking my e-mail, working on some documents for a Limited Partnership,… more »
Tags: 2014, new year
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Running the Race

Posted on Dec 25, 2013 by in General, Advice
You are ready when you say you are, so step up to the line and start running. more »
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Not Getting Stuck

Posted on Dec 17, 2013 by in Personal, Advice
Don't do it. It's not worth your life, and in the end it's your life with which you'll pay. more »
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