A Personal Code

By David Herz

Posted on Feb 20, 2020 by in Structure, Inspiration

Mr. Joyner, developer of Simpleology, in his “The Greatness Awakening,” (I tried to get you a link to this, but couldn't find it) at day ten assigns my mission as:

  1. Write your code. Here's mine:
    1. Be the kind of person who leaves a profit.
    2. Always be learning.
    3. Always be moving forward.
    4. Take care of people.
    5. Anything that takes you off your path is actually taking you backwards.
  2. Print it out
  3. Put it on a wall where you will see it every day
  4. Memorize it
  5. Repeat it to yourself once a day before bed

I liked this assignment; so I share this also with you.

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